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How Operation Vertical Pneumatic wire stripping machine WPM-3F

How Operation Vertical Pneumatic wire stripping machine WPM-3F

To understand and operate the machine better, please refer to this instruction to increase safety and efficiency, thank you!
Brief Introduction:
1. This machine is special for stripping the special wires in the field of harness industry, such as computer core wires, shield wires, phone lines, flat cables and such smaller wires, the general size of wires is from AWG18-32#, the wires which with diameter more than 0.5mm all can be processed with this machine.
2.. Improve the traditional processing model which with pedal and hand pulling evolved into the way with former clip and backward, both save energy and improve efficiency.

3. Adopt the wire reeling way which moves between right and left in the level, and also shorten the distance between the blade and clip seat. Be content with the need for the special short-thin wire processing, and at the same time without sorrow for hurting or boiling the operator’s fingers.
4. Additional twin knives design, can cut and strip simultaneously, increase and minus the gaskets to make sure the length, accuracy, and speed for cutting and stripping. The blowing device can clear the scraps automatically after stripping.

Specification: Air source: 4.5-7 Kg/ 
Power:           110V 60Hz
Weight:          10 kg
Dimensions:      260*150*270mm
Stripping length:  single knife 25mm twin knives: 1.5-5.0mm

1 . Connect the air connection to the air  4.5-7 Kg/ 
2. Plug the solenoid valve connector in  220V 50 Hz
3. Trend the foot switch to make the air cylinder work.
Instruction for operation:
1. The mini adjustment nuts on two parallel cylinders are the key to the operation of this machine: lose the inner hexagon screws in the middle of the nut, the bolts in the front side control the moving of the clipping base, the nuts in the back side control the moving of cutting blocks, for different sizes of wires, adjust the nut upside anticlockwise to make it tight, adjust the nut downward clock wisely to make it lose. After adjustment and testing, if the stripping ok, then tighten the inner hexagon screws.
  2. The big cylinder in the back of the machine is for pulling the wires, and the two nuts( one big, the other is small) are for adjusting the travel of the cylinder, in the front, the travel is shorter ( such as semi stripping), in the back, the travel is longer, after adjustment, then fix the smaller nut. The two adjustment valves on the cylinder are for adjusting the speed of wire pulling and returning until the speed is suitable, if the speed is too quick, it can’t strip.
   3. The usage for the type of machine with double blades is similar to the machine with single blades, which is specially designed for the wires which are stripping one time,  please pay attention to the following points:
   A)  The distance between the cutting blades and stripping blades is 1.5mm without the plate.
   B)  The thickness on the front and back of the machine must be consistence to avoid the cutting block being bombed and damaged.
   C)  The plate should be increased or reduced according to stripping length, for example, if the stripping length is 3.0mm, the 1.5mm plate should be fitted, then the thickness is 1.5+1.5=3.0mm.
   D)  The cutting blades are 
Maintenance requirements:  
  1. Keep clear for a long time;
  2. The rolling guide is the main moving part of the machine, which should be lubricated every day.
  3. The surface of the clipping base should be kept clear and with no oil, which can keep the strength of wire clipping.
  4. Shut off the power and compressed air after finishing the operation;
  5. The filtering & drying device should be fitted in the source of compressed air.
   The standard spare part:
  1. Wrench:  No 2, 3, 4, 5 
  2. Opening wrench:   one set 17mm
  3. One set of the plate with a thickness of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0mm respectively, the total is 8 pcs ( for double cutting blades type of machine).

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