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automatic wire strip and crimp machine WPM-151
automatic wire strip and crimp machine WPM-151
  • Automatic Wire Strip And Crimp Machine WPM-151

  • Item No : WPM-151

  • Automatic Wire Strip And Crimp Machine
    1. Adopt Imported Parts, Cutting, Stripping( Half Stripping), Crimping, And Twisting Automatically, Simple To Operate, Precise And Stable
    2. Stripping Length, Cable Pressing Wheel, And Cutting Depth Are Controlled By A Touch Screen, Easy And Quick.
    3. Easy And Quick To Adjust Technical Characteristics.
    Voltage AC220V/50HZ
    Function Wire Cutting, Stripping, Crimping, Twisting
    Productivity (500mm) 8000pcs/h(no Twisting);6200pcs/h (twisting)
    Wire Range AWG#34—AWG#18
    Cutting Length 25mm-9999mm
    Cutting Accuracy Adjustable
    Stripping Length 0.1mm—25mm
    Crimping Force 1.5Ton
    Twisting Length 3 Mm—20mm
    Auxiliary Device Sending Device, Terminal Conveyor, Garbage Collection
    Testing Equipment Terminal And Wire Input Testing

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Detailed description
Full automatic cable crimping machine WPM-151, Fully Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine, Molex Terminal Crimping Machine, Electrical Connector Wire Cut Strip Crimping Machine, automatic wire strip and crimp machine 
1. Adopt imported parts, cutting, stripping( half stripping), crimping, and twisting automatically, simple to operate, precise and stable
2. Stripping length, cable pressing wheel, and cutting depth are controlled by a touch screen, easy and quick.

3. Easy and quick to adjust technical characteristics.




Wire cutting, stripping, crimping, twisting

Productivity (500mm)

8000pcs/h(no twisting)6200pcs/h (twisting)

Wire Range


Cutting length


Cutting accuracy


Stripping length


Crimping force


Twisting length

3 mm—20mm

Auxiliary device

Sending device, terminal conveyor, garbage collection

Testing Equipment

Terminal and wire input testing





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